Master Key Experience Week 16

Dog biscuits, focaccia bread, the IRS, and kindness!

It’s been the kind of week where all kinds of kind things kind of happen! I have always been a kind person. I’ve had my moments when that was not the case, but at my core, I am kind. This week was good timing because some of the freedoms I am enjoying from thought awareness, and atrophy of thoughts and consequences I no longer entertain, have found an outlet of gratitude, releasing back harmonious energy to be used in kind!

Four legged friends will find you when you load your coat pockets with dog biscuits, and head out for the day. It’s nice when I chat with the owner and get permission, or sneak one in a partially opened car window in a parking lot, and telling my friend it’s our secret. Doing service work for customers, gives me some good opportunities to offer kindness. I did not expect it to come back at me in the ways it did! My customer Mary, asked me to install a new set of shower doors. She considered it a huge favor because I don’t typically install them, I considered it a job I could professionally do, and charged her modestly. Couple of weeks later, I stop over her house for an errand for my wife, and Mary gives me a home made cheesecake, and says thanks for doing such a nice job for us! Then my friend Peter comes over for a business meeting. He brought me a bottle of wine, I in turn, made some venison burgers. Next day I stop by my customer Lou’s place. He is a master baker, and had me come look at some heaters he was having issues with. I did not charge him for the visit because more work was to be scheduled for repairs. Its about 6 pm and he offers me coffee, so we chat and have a fun conversation about crazy things we did as kids, anyway, he scoots out for a minute and goes over to his wood fired brick oven (which he hand built with incredible craftsmanship himself), and comes in with a tray of piping hot focaccia breads, topped with mozzarella, dried tomatoes olives and basil, crazy thick chewy goodness, and gives me one to take home.  Very kind! Tonight my daughter Paula was cleaning the room where I pet sat for her cat a couple of days while she was out of town, and it was a nice exchange. But I especially loved the IRS phone call. For various reasons about every year I get the privilege of having to call the IRS to straighten out some mater or another. I recall last year the agent I spoke with was a lovely woman from Mississippi, who kept saying in a great southern drawl, “Yes honey, I understand” and we set up a payment that served both them and me, it went quite well. This time around a different story. On hold time from dial to conversation 55 minutes. So now that I know how to use down time to my advantage, out come the flash cards, I’m reading my DMP, got the Og read in, lesson 16, review 15, flash cards again, then the agent is on the line, this time straight question, I answer, silence, straight question, I answer, silence. I try some kindness, “how are you today?” silence, straight question, identity confirmed,  “Mr. Vitolo, what is the reason for your call”. Reply, “I have a letter that says I need to call and set up to continue payments for the new year, and I wish to continue these payments, as it is something I can work with, and you are getting paid. He then said “You know Mr Vitolo we have the power to deny your request based on our discretionary blah blah blah…….” And I immediately smiled and started to send over waves and waves of love, gratitude, kindness from the Master Mind Alliance unleashed! as he kept on with “your quarterly payments should blah, blah….” I’m singing in my head a little I love you jingle, waves are crashing on this guy, then silence. Long enough that you want to say are you still there?, and then he says, so OK, we will then continue the payments as you have been making them, and you will get notice in the mail. I said, thank you! Have a really nice day!, and he grumbled, have a nice day. The Master Mind Alliance totally denied him any power over me at that moment, and for that I am truly grateful! Peace.















Master Key Experience, Week 15

Week 15 finds me wishing everyone a Happy and Harmonious New Year! Lots of great stuff going on! First off, I did not see my folks for Christmas, and spent New Years Day with them. Not previously having purchased a card for my Mom, on Sunday, Dec 31st, I stroll into Walmart, go over to the card section, fully realizing Christmas is over, go past three quarters of the card isle loaded for Valentines Day, to my left, quarter way up, is the one and only, misplaced Christmas card! I pick it up, the message is great!, found an envelope, golden! Some crazy stuff going on! Work went all well for a short week. I was thinking and noticing taking initiative as my virtue, and found it in myself all day every day! I noticed it elsewhere of course, but I was struck by how easy it was for me to get things done! All correct diagnosis and repairs, no callbacks, and too many calls to take.  One of my thoughts while driving was how many old shows and commercials I was remembering, and my subconscious was very active in digging stuff up. I thought about that old TV show Petticoat Junction, seeming to remember the order of shows from 6 o’clock on. Anyway, talking with my sister’s boyfriend Brian, who is blogging about his battle after a brain tumor removal, and cancer therapy, and he says he is cutting in clips of Uncle Joe from Petticoat Junction in his blogging. No biggie, just saying!, I was also thinking during a sit about origin of the universe, thought verses action. What God willed (thought) into being, before the action of speaking or commanding into being created. Heb 11:3, By faith we understand that the universe was formed at God’s command, so that what is seen, was not made out of what  was visible. (Very Cool!), Anyway, in church Sunday morning, and of course the 1st reading is Genesis 1:1-5.  So it makes me smile because God has a beautiful sense of humor, and now we laugh together!

A topper to the week, found the arrival of Wallace D. Wattles Trilogy! I am blown away! I read The Science of Getting Rich, and the Science of Being Great, and found, not unlike Haanel, simple genius! Writing at that time period, universal truths, and natural law, now,  just as relevant as ever. Some of his thoughts I considered a bit fantastic, but I will give it a second read, and think again. Of course, he is as right in his own mind, as any man is right about anything he so believes!, so he would assert!

I love the shapes on my flash cards, the lesson 15 notes about insight, called me right to this exercise, so I have been diligent about flashing them because I sense that it is effective. I tried to link the shapes in some way, so I sorted out all the gratitude’s, tasks, and accomplishments by DMP shape/color. Example any of the things I was grateful for got the red circle linked to my earnings, so abundance of money would link. Then blue rectangle was for any tasks or accomplishments or gratitude’s for work, linking to selling my business as a goal, any Spiritual gratitude’s, or accomplishments, new business stuff to the green triangle, lastly family gratitude’s, people, things to do with fishing, hunting or creative accomplishments went to yellow square for my gentleman’s farm and hunting camp. As it turns out the count ends up being about mid 50’s for each group from random selections of writing out these thoughts, so my takeaway is I am zoned in on thinking and writing out these cards from what seemed like a random basis has an inherent focus that I can appreciate, all generated from a genuine I. If this is just the start of what is going to become normal, buckle me in! Its going to be a Great New Year!

Master Key Experience Week 14

A week of festive Christmas celebration! A week of gratitude, reflecting on the gift of Jesus to humanity, and the love of God for us. I know in terms of our lessons, Universal Mind. Energy, and Substance all equate to God, but in my mind I always want to have a more childlike perception of God the Father, “Abba”, Daddy, as a child running full force to hug a good father, knowing their source of provision and security! In humanizing my relationship, I always see God the Father as provider, Jesus the Son as my savior and teacher, and the Holy Spirit as my communicator. It simplifies and clarifies the embodiment of God, and I am not finding conflict with the scientific correlations, and teachings of our lessons. All things, especially living things, were created by the author of DNA, given the mind of growth and reproduction, to flourish and thrive. and we are no different except much more special! We have been given the mind and ability to create! We can choose to recognize this gift, and use it in harmony with God’s will, or not. I don’t believe other living things have this option, and the law of growth is an automatic function where conditions permit them to thrive.  On the other hand we have to recognize and choose our thoughts and actions for the law of growth to work for our good. The consistency of keeping a dream and purpose ever present in my thinking is key to not losing my way, and is the beauty and genius of this course! I encourage everyone to love your dream! Keep it close to your heart, see it as a done deal, and let it drive your desire to succeed! Gods blessings to all! Peace.

Master Key Experience Week 13

This week has me thinking about the power of my thoughts being creative and causing conditions that become my reality. Gratitude being a cause that creates more to be grateful for, and this tremendous gift of being a channel to receive from infinite, omnipotent source, that which we desire, and hold in clear focus will manifest is absolutely astonishing! The laws of causation, the laws of increase or growth, coupled with the law of practice is the formula for success, and is contingent on my discipline to hold these truths in faith, and keep my actions in harmony with the laws at work! The lesson points are clear, and the mental work is getting easier as a result of practice and habits now being formed. I will always go into a bit of a “cocoon” when I am at the reading and comprehending phase of these lesson points. It will cause me to rethink long standing positions I have held on all sorts of things from politics to my Christian faith teachings, human nature, societal evolvings, and my place in all this with my new thinking. It is time consuming, I try not to rely on others thoughts through this process, and with the help of my sits, I have come to some new conclusions and positions that always make me emerge from the process like a butterfly! transformed for the better.  I now understand the futility of feeling I have to fight adversity, because it only brings more of that into my life. Being at peace with things, to create peace and energy where it needs to be focused right now for the well being of my creative thoughts to find harmony. This is an amazing discovery for me, and I am very optimistic and excited for what it will bring into my life! Stay tuned, Peace.

Master Key Experience Week 12

This week had a little bit of everything mixed in. As relating to the master key lesson, and putting forward plans of action, I am receiving greatfully the idea of constructing an ideal business, home, friends, environment without restriction to materials or cost as long as there is a clear, sharp, vision of it. Because creative power is unlimited, the methods and opportunities will present themselves for me to act upon. Understanding the natural laws, and keep those ideals in harmony is what I have learned, and believe, that I really didn’t know a few short weeks ago! Sounds like a plan!!

Thought about my personal, pivotal, needs. Absolutely on target for this time in my life! Even the word pivotal, to turn, toward and away from something at the same time, new blueprint from old blueprint (law of substitution), struck me in the literal sense that I cant face forward and backward at the same time. Choosing my thoughts to align with my desires, not the worlds, is becoming a big motivator for me to do the exercises as often as I can.

A great sit on Wednesday morning, before really being in the quiet, I asked God to tour me through the storehouse of abundance, (great request for a sit). I did not get anything I would have expected! It is not possible, unless you are Emerson, to construct words adequate of a description of the beauty and magnificence! If asked my thoughts before this experience, I would have conjured up something like endless vaults with all things of life, and not far off in substance, the presentation was incredible! I saw spheres of light, changing color, suspended in black, radiating pulse waves of emotions, love, forgiveness, grace, hope, comfort, peace, prosperity, feelings I could identify by the pulse, and wave that hit me, mixing senses. I stayed for a moment, trying to decide what to call the colors I could not recognize. Turning to a crackling sound, small electrically charged spheres with tiny centers of pulsating light in rows by the millions down an eternal hallway stacked as high as I could look up. I was told one word , life. The view shifted to a vision of elements, gasses, liquids, some by tons, some by drops, mixing, revolving, forming substance, then vanishing with a linger of spark energy, the raw materials being replenished as fast as being used, appearing as needed then fading back, creating an endless supply of materials of the universe. Destinations were not seen, and I came out of the vision with a smile on my face, and the word wow on my lips!

The sit Thursday was much less eventful, and I did not really receive from the quiet other than some fleeting thoughts, concentrating more on my DMP. On Friday, I opened myself up to receive without expectations, and in the time, I saw a bright source with circle waves of color around my head, absorbing feelings being given to me. It lasted but seconds, and I sat up and wrote down abundance, love, wisdom, prosperity! Surely had a great day after that!

Having some fun also with mixing in sensory triggers with my DMP, which does have a few references to hearing, smelling, physical feeling, and many sight examples. I have a sandwich bag of ground coffee, and earth and leaves, I can take a whiff of, but mostly use my imagination to expand on entering my shop, and all the things I see, hear, touch, and smell. I am also doing something that for me is very powerful. When I am working on my new business concepts and plan, I put on a dress shirt, sport coat, nice jeans and dress shoes. I am the CEO, and decisions need to be made, progress needs to push forward! I never dress this way except on special occasions, and I am constantly reminded to stay focused on task. Probably the best thing I do to lock in my resolve to see this change take place. But its always late night, and the day comes soon, and the time I give in the mornings to my exercises, leaves me much to accomplish in shorter hours, and twice this week, I found myself slumped over, waking up around 4am, with Emerson around page 8, and another time with earplugs in, and not getting through the Napoleon Hill recording. Anyway cant wait to persist another week. Peace!


Master Key Experience Week 11

Turning the corner, I guess that’s what I call it when I start to feel that it’s getting easier to stay on the mental diet all day. I am in the mindset now that no matter what happens during my day, I can rationalize, good or not, and either bask in its goodness, serving my purpose, or letting it go as inconsequential to my overall DMP. No longer am I entertaining, not only negative thinking, but time not constructive to my goals, or at least I am aware when I allow myself some downtime, listening to music, keeping my thoughts where they need to be (new blueprint). No longer do I feel the need to vent about anything. Still not watching TV, although I will watch some recorded Ranger hockey, and will probably follow some playoff action when time comes.

I still get very focused on my work, as it needs to be, for me to be productive and chip away at my workload. I really do like working good projects, i just know after 37 years in the plumbing trade, it’s time to move on. I refuse to live the life of quiet desperation, hoping my body will hold out working long physical hours, unsure of a comfortable retirement if not. So embracing the alternative is in my sights. As it is now, I am making many connections about the principles and laws I am learning about, and linking them to my gifts, talents, and creative spirit in me. As an example, a blueprint will always show the builder exactly the foundation details, framing, roof, trim, doors, windows, cabinets, all with materials specified. Not the case with plumbing and heating. I have only a layout of fixture location, plans will not include pipe runs, sizing, pitch, heat distribution, boiler, water heater type type. My visualization skills need to kick in looking at the paper, then transfer to a rough framed structure, all the while seeing the finished home with working heat, controls, and fixtures. My thoughts eventually, with a good plan of action, manifest in a finished product to the expectations of my customers. I always need to be creative, and it’s probably the thing I get most professional satisfaction out of. I love the calls I get when the other guys can’t fix it, and someone suggests to call me. Observation, concentration, deductive reasoning, analytical troubleshooting, flow dynamics specific to different applications, conflicting control sequences between smart heating equipment, you get the picture, I love a good puzzle! Best puzzle yet is my challenge to transform to the next level of what my mind can accomplish! Armed with a new blueprint, I see that abundance is mine to claim if I so choose. It has eluded me in my working life, but now wish to pursue it for the reasons Emerson points out, to be in the flow of giving and receiving. I have a heart for charity, and would love to focus the next chapter of my life doing more, with more! Love the law of growth!

I am late with this blog this week, as we are already into week 12, which I am completely digging! I have been working with the physical laws of gravity, electricity, pressure, temperature to exacting standards, how incredibly exciting for me to discover these master key lessons, and the spiritual laws that exist with like precision. Sweet! Count me in! Back soon with more thoughts, peace!

Master Key Experience Week 10

I suppose week 10 is a carry over from the weekend of week 9 with an episode that taught me a real practical, unassuming lesson about the law of substitution. This one concerned my dog Bosco the chocolate lab/springer mix. He is really a great pet, I take him to work with me every day. He rides in my truck, and quite often can be on the jobsite, free to hang around and visit with others. He never runs away, always wants to know where I am. Very gentle and sweet, gets along with other dogs, and has so many friends from all my customers, and their pets. This past weekend he got sick. first time in 9 years, throwing up repeatedly. Took him to the vet before they closed on Saturday, saw the doctor, got blood tests, x ray, meds to settle his stomach. Tests all came back pretty normal. Went home to keep an eye on him. He slept a lot, and drank water. Sunday I was out for most the day, came home to him being completely unresponsive, couldn’t get up, drooling profusely! I pulled him out from under the desk where he likes to stay, rolled him onto a blanket, carried him to the car, and got him to the emergency vet care hospital about 1/2 hr away. I was trying to comfort him, but I was a bit panicked, and was praying for help. Got there and carried his 83lb. limp body in and put him on a cart. They took him back to work on him while we waited. Now not only was my mind racing to try and think if something he ate or got into caused this condition?, and is he going to make it! WHAT!! NEGATIVE THOUGHT!!, NO! CHANGE THAT THOUGHT!, OF COURSE HE IS GOING TO BE OK! HE IS GETTING HELP! HE IS A STRONG DOG! much better, starting to relax, feeling in control again,… Doctor comes in, says he is really in bad shape, extremely dehydrated, giving him IV, trying to get his vitals back to normal. She goes back again. OH DEAR! WHAT IF HE….NO! NEGATIVE THOUGHT!!!, OF COURSE HE WILL BE OK! better for the moment. Back and forth many times with the substituting thoughts. I was keenly aware in the high stress emotion, of not being able to hold two thoughts that conflicted. It was one or the other, and the immediate substitution of the positive thought, erased the bad immediately. I was just wishing I could hold it for the duration. I texted my friend Pastor Tony, and asked him to pray for Bosco, who he knows and loves. Immediately I could feel Tony’s prayer presence with me as I prayed as well. Not only did I feel it, beyond my own prayer words I could hear Tony praying in his voice, as only Tony could pray, different words mixing with mine, asking for healing, praying for the skills of the staff to do their best work, inviting Jesus to be with us as his word promises, when two or more are gathered in my name, I also shall be there with you! Wow! The charged emotion, the belief and faith beyond any doubt! It was amazing!. Bosco stayed the night, we came back the next morning at 7am to pick up a much improved, up and walking, friend. Took him back to our vet, the next two days he did not eat, and there were still concerns, but steadily improved. He is home now, eating, still taking meds, but just about back to his old self. Turned out to be an intestinal issue that thankfully did not require surgery. I have, since those moments of prayer maintained a positive mental attitude, that I am certain, helped manifest a healing on behalf of our good friend! Peace.


Master Key Experience Week 9

Well, I am admittedly a week behind, but this evening finds me with the time to share some thoughts about the last weeks good discoveries, and some disappointments as well.

The disappointments all seem to revolve around the 7 day mental diet of positive thinking with quick substitutions of good thoughts for any negative thinking. I seem to be fine when I am doing my morning exercises, readings, sits, listening to my press release recordings, while looking at my poster. All is great in the master key bubble! Oh if I could only stay here all day! Then the day has to go forward, with a chance to prove my mettle and mastery of this fine teaching. I found myself with two customers that impacted me in a negative way, suffering financial consequences, and 2 minor injury annoyances caused resets.  In my business, problems and repairs are what I eat, drink, and sleep with, so a negative premise is usually the start of any call from a customer or conversation to wrestle with. Now don’t get me wrong, they all call because they know I can fix it, and If I don’t carry a positive, can do, attitude constantly with my responses, I wouldn’t be as popular with my customers as I am. I always make them feel comfortable, and confident in my abilities. Anyway, old b.p. is always seizing the opportunity as it reminds me I need more work!

On the good side, I know in my heart that if any of these folks that cause me grief were to need my immediate assistance, (say in distress from an accident), I would not hesitate to help in any way I could. That thought entered my head when I asked myself after reset, How can I muster up some love for these people, like I’m supposed to. So I felt much better about finding an avenue to love out of my capacity for compassion. It is not easy! I am making progress on keeping a more constant presence of mind to think about my thoughts, although toughest during my work day. The shapes are coming to me especially on the road, which is a good part of my day. My truck is being kept much neater, since being one of my service tasks, and I automatically find the need to put stuff where it belongs after each job. Some tasks seem a lot easier, like returning phone calls at the end of the day. I often also find myself doing an extra task to make things better for future Frankie, even if its just the next day!

So Thanksgiving at my house with family, for the most part a nice gathering. Good food, I enjoy putting together a holiday feast for as many as we gather, and it went well, although my sister had told me her partner had not been feeling well and she could not come and bring my parents as well. Turns out Brian had been suffering a brain tumor that needed emergency surgery that, thank God, was performed with a encouraging degree of success. Prayers were answered as well as could have been hoped for. So this story continues into next blog, as well as the Bosco the dog episode, stay tuned, Peace!

Master Key Experience week 8

This past weekend I found some quiet time in the woods of Pine Plains New York bow hunting. As much time as I have spent there before, it was a bit different this time. I was quieter, I almost felt invisible, watching some small does, then a young buck eating acorns, urging them to eat up for the long winter to come. I am usually up in a tree, but opted to stay on the ground. I watched them for the better part of a half hour, and although they came quite close, I did not spook them, and they were not aware of my presence. I smiled as I considered it a sit, since I really did not move much at all. Aside from the thoughts of dismantling a battleship, which I had thought about earlier, I was really drawn to the diversity of nature, and natural laws of growth. Some of my thoughts were about the numbers game of nature, making sure enough acorns are dropped to feed the animals, and allow the few to take root and grow into white oaks, those that planted would have what they need to thrive. The animals get what they need to thrive, likewise, my nature should be no different. A flock of chickadees is in my midst, must be between 9:30 and 10 am! Sure enough 9:45, like clockwork these little guys show up in this part of the forest! They have to be the happiest creatures I’ve ever seen. It could be snowing sideways, and they still come chirping and singing, dancing on tiny branches, swapping spots with one another, almost laughing at the funny looking creature all bundled up in layers of clothes, as I notice they must certainly live by compass and operate from natural law! I am reminded of Matthew Chapter 6, where Jesus talks about the birds of the air, getting what they need without worry, because they operate in natural law. The chapter concludes with how we need not worry, if we trust God, operate in natural law (seek first his kingdom and righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well!). Not much different than what Emerson so eloquently speaks of, or the birds, by nature, understand, and never seem to stray from. How is it that we get so far away from these laws that should obviously apply to us as well? I guess that’s why God gave us a book! Boy am I grateful for this course. Guess where I will be this weekend with my little movie poster card, and the quiet of an entire day! Cant wait! Peace!


Master Key Experience Week 7

Week 7 saw a demanding work schedule week, coupled with business needs, some setbacks, less sleep, and in the end even more determination to get caught up and stay on track! Mark mentioned in his video about fighting off the old triggers we find our self around. Boy was he right! I had a few restarts, but am becoming aware, and see how the new blueprint needs to take hold in a very strong way. I am putting my faith wholeheartedly on making this change meaningful and real! My heart desires to work on this all day every day, but my business, which I am selling and moving on from, is pulling me back to my immediate financial needs, and the time to accomplish what I need to do, running my plumbing business, is a formidable challenge. I am behind on making my recording, which is done tonight, and I need to make some choices that will allow more focused time for Master Keys. I will get on the alliance page, and seek some guidance.

I did my movie poster, and absolutely loved the exercise, and I think it really expresses my DMP, and I get a great feeling when I see it  and reflect on it! This may be one of the 7 ways  that resonates with me. I get a little caught up in material manifestations of success, versus spiritual growth manifestations of purpose and giving. I only worry about the balance between the two. My prayer is to have peace with that balance, and would very much love to be in the dynamic flow of giving and receiving. I suppose the future will always present itself with opportunities to have these challenges, and become better for them. Peace.