Master Key Experience Week 24

It really is an amazing journey! It seems like it can’t be week 24, but it is. So I went back and read all my blogs from week 1 on. There really has been genuine growth, progress, and a deep understanding of self. It could be said that we are not the same person after almost any experience, but it can’t be understated that we are not the same after the Master Key Experience! I think differently, I perceive myself differently, I use laws to benefit my life, I did not have the awareness to recognize previously!

I was so pleased to read the words Haanel wrote in lesson 24 regarding ‘TRUTH’. Possibly  the most powerful force in the universe is Truth in Spirit. There is no force that can change it. It can be hidden, and disguised, but never changed. So it is our quest to find and hold to it. Now that so much of it has been made apparent, it is amazing to see how the powers that be, have mastered mass distraction, to keep us away from it. “If they knew, it could start a revolution of self directed thinkers!”. So sign me up! I am seeing things happen without, as a result of my thinking within. What an amazing series of discoveries. All at the right time, all for the right reasons! Peace.

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Master Key Experience Week 23

Good week! Although I am late in writing this blog, I did make some notes during the week on my thoughts.

Law of Acceptance. This to me is beautiful in its simplicity. Accept and be in the moment. I don’t judge, so I don’t find fault, so I don’t have to have an opinion of how it should be better, so I don’t argue, so I don’t struggle, fight, or burn energy on emotional distress, because it doesn’t serve me, or my needs, and look how much energy I saved for harmonious thoughts! So I am chill, and master of my emotions. I started applying this in week 13, just before the holidays. I was tired of the old blueprint telling me the enemy was always looking for ways to wreak havoc in my life, and believing this to be case, I was always ready for a fight, and it would  manifest in random mishaps, and I would find the reason for spiritual battle. Anyway, I decided I would not entertain those thoughts as real, and the truth was, I was able to cast the enemy out, by its application. Result, no more random mishaps that I could attribute to anything but myself. Hence,

Law of Responsibility. I always could blame someone, or some thing for whatever my old blueprint would cause me to sabotage! Not any more! Now its a tool I use to learn! Look for the cause of any situation, apply intuition for next time, and find the opportunity hidden in the moment to turn it for good. This is also beautiful in its simplicity. Think of all the energy saved from not having to use mental thought to conjure up scenarios and excuses!

Law of Defenselessness. I get it. I do have only minor points of contention, probably more to do with the wording, than the spirit of the thought. I don’t feel the need to evangelize or convince others, so that is OK. I remain open to all points of view, so that is OK. But I do feel I need to stay strong, and attached when it comes to a core of virtues, that do make my point of view my truth, my true self has adopted for its peace and harmony. My spirit knows my Lord and Savior, this I can never deny.

Law of Least Effort. Application of all 3 works. I have been practicing its use, I am less worried, things start to work themselves out, especially with job scheduling! Its amazing when something has to be done, and there is a conflict, that person will call and say, “I’m sorry, I know you were supposed to come today but….. so could you come tomorrow? Freed up to do what is pressing, and I did not have to call, plead, or apologize! Wow!

I sincerely hope this is happening for other folks taking this challenge to become self directed thinkers! Peace.


Master Key Experience Week 22-22A

Progress, and pitfalls. I am seeing progress in many areas of endeavor. I am faithful to my morning master key exercises, the sit, setting a positive attitude for the day, staying in control of my emotions, being kind, and giving great service to the customers I can handle, and my family’s needs. I am recognizing the old blueprint wants, and can mostly thwart them with the tools I have learned to use. I am healthy, happier than I have been in a long time, and love the fact that I am on this journey and heading to the unfamiliar places that will change my life. These include pursuing a new business, changing my consciousness about wealth in all areas, and embracing power I have not perceived of before! Its still feels new, when I keep the awareness before me. So where is the pitfall? It all seems great. For me the pitfalls are sneaky ones, some indecision when I have free time, leading to more thinking than doing. Not always a bad thing, especially since the thinking and reading are to try and better myself, and related to this course,  but not translating into action to further my business plan and DMP, because the time slips away, and by then I am too tired from a full physical workday, to dive into progress on my action plan, and I choose to rest. This also has an effect on my night time exercises which, once I get to this point, will wait till the morning. It happens about 3 or 4 times a week, and the other sneaky one is a bit of complacency, thinking this is ok, I am making progress, and will catch up in the morning. As I am writing this I am seeing the tools I need to employ to make the changes I wish to see, but it is in the awareness of the moment at the time, that they need to be employed, and that is the key. So admittedly i still have the ‘hard work’ to do master these issues, because if not, I feel they will certainly find a comfortable place in my thinking, and if not thwart, an opportunity for me to excel, will delay the  progress I need to make for this course to be a complete success in my mind and life.

A comment on lesson 22 from Haanel. He is completely correct in his thoughts about condition of health and well being linked to thoughts of health and well being. I have always thought of myself as healthy and strong, and it has served me well. I wont read, watch, or listen to reports about disease, illness, flu epidemics, or maladies of any sort. I will read, watch and listen to reports on how to stay well, for mind , body and spirit. That is where the truth is, that will serve me, and my needs, and the focus stays there. In my late 40’s I had sustained a right shoulder injury trying to pull a well pump I did not know was set too deep to pull by hand. It has nagged me for years, my chiropractor helped, I am mindful of how much force I allow it to use, and in what position I use it (not above my head). My job as a plumber is sometimes unforgiving, and I find myself in tight spaces having to use it beyond its comfort level, and I aggravate the injury again. For years I have always felt a dull pain deep in the socket that does not go away, and I feel it most when I am at rest, its just there. Talked to my doctor, and an orthopedist, and agreed it was probably something that would require some surgical repair at some point. Being dependent on my physical mobility to earn my living, this will wait, and I will just be careful. This past January, I read Wallace Wattles Trilogy, which includes, The Science of Being Well. The thought line along with what the Master Key was teaching me was that the subconscious mind has the ability to control cellular growth, regeneration, repair, and regulation of all body functions. I believe this to be completely true, so during my sits throughout the month, I was directing a thought of healing to my subconscious that it knew the exact cause and extent of the injury in that shoulder, and that it now was given the task to dispatch all necessary means to repair it, as only it knew how to regenerate any damage therein. I thanked God for creating such a wonderful masterpiece of the human body that can repair itself in the same way any cut or bruise is repaired without conscious effort, and believed it would be accomplished. At the time of this writing, I am for the past month, feeling no dull ache at all. I know this especially during my sit when previously I was aware of the discomfort, now I am aware of no discomfort, leading to another praise of gratitude to my Creator! I am sleeping with my arm above my head with no pain for the first time in years, and although a full range of motion and stretch will still remind me that it is not perfect yet, it is much improved and I believe, still in the process of 100% restoration. This reinforces the concept I am coming to understand about consciousness of power within. Now I need to use this against my pitfalls. Peace!

Master Key Experience Week 21

Another too busy week! I gotta say, I love this master key experience. I am thinking about using old blueprint beliefs as tools to motivate me to forge ahead to new goals, and it occurs to me that I have been using the excuse of being too busy week after week, to accomplish all that is asked of me. This allows me to justify having too much stress, putting off less desirable tasks! Wow, I see this pattern and say, well I really do create the reality that serves what my subconscious wants! Even throw in a little self pity for having too much to do!, lots of hard work!,  So now, its different, I recognize this for what it is! No more excuses, if I promised out too much work, I will honor my commitments. I am lovingly tell new customers, how much I appreciate their calls, and that I am busy well into April. I am saying NO, and honoring the truth within me! Since adopting this truth, and recognizing that I am in complete control of my workflow, has given me a sense of renewal! I am diligently working extra hours, accomplishing more, with a sense of purpose and efficiency. There is no sense of self pity, instead a sense of self determination. I am happier just knowing this, and I am not stressing about anything. Without this experience, it would be just another too busy week! Peace.

Master Key Experience Week 20

A very fast week of working, and staying in harmony. I am blessed with too much work for me to handle by myself, and am looking for help. Truth be told I would rather work by myself, with time to manage projects, but I started thinking law of growth and abundance several weeks back, and the results are in. I am confidently expecting this natural law to work in favor of my future projects as well, which do not include working long hours to complete jobs.

I have made comments in the alliance this week about confronting my fear of living a life of quiet desperation, and turning it into a hero’s journey! To me it’s nothing less than a miracle. Despite the perceived obstacles, overcome by answered prayer, or as Haanel might like to say, a thought, charged with feeling, in harmony with universal mind. It is wondrous the timing of things, decisions, the interactions with people, the intuition, all happening in a few months. Most of all, a way to combat the cement, that would have doomed the call to the journey in the first place. All with an alliance of support! My gratitude is deep. Peace.

Master Key Experience Week 19

As I read, the lesson from Haanel this week, and engage in concentrating on the concept of power in the three forms to consider, I find that clarity emerges in the differences. I have always thought of power as the application of force, or mechanical advantage, within the laws of physics, and to a certain degree have a good grasp of physical power. I use tools all day that give the advantage of motorized action, I drive a vehicle that converts  diesel fuel through controlled combustion into mechanical power, I use a cellphone with microprocessors that direct power to perform incredible functions, and so on. We are so used to the implementations of power at our disposal, we don’t need to contemplate it’s origin, its just there.

Next is the power that understands the harnessing of physical laws, and creates the inventions. That is mind power. This is the power, (mental/thought), that for us, is our greatest gift, (knowledge/creativity), and the biggest challenge. Because of our complex nature as advanced beings, we bring to our process of thinking, all the ‘cement’, we have accumulated over a lifetime of decisions, fears, regret, guilt, and lack of any of the true virtues we were created with. It brings with it the effects of hindering our true mental power. This is where the ‘work’ is. To understand, and overcome by exercising our mind to become more focused and efficient. This is where we realize accomplishments, advancements, breakthroughs in all circumstances of life. All the puzzles we are able to solve, and continue to work on. We all have tremendous capacity of mental power.

Of course the highest power, is Spiritual power, created by the author of life, and extended to us in benevolence of life. God knows His creation, He knows the complexity of every atom that physically makes our brain, and gives it consciousness. Otherwise where does consciousness come from? You would have to fathom that every small particle has a degree of consciousness, collectively added together, forming a greater consciousness up the chain of life forms. Then the questions would have to be asked why  would certain matter have thought consciousness, while others do not?, but maybe a rock can think? I don’t know? In any case, we have the ability to tap Spiritual Power! This is where no explanations of medical miracles can be provided, where prayer, collective thought, energy that reaches this highest realm, affect change, outcomes, and circumstances. We catch glimpses of it, we feel its presence, we put our hope there, it is the most beautiful gift we have, and it is real! It is my hope that through this divine intervention in my consciousness, I can master the former task of honing my mental/thought/and creative power to ultimately serve that which is higher, and I believe, GIVE more glory and honor as ‘food’, to the power that sustains me, and all life in return. This makes me understand the ‘natural laws’ we are learning about have relevance, and its the flow of thought, in harmony with this Universal Mind, that creates our best world.  Peace.


Master Key Experience Week 18

As far along as I have come on this journey, it still occurs to me that 56 years of conditioned , patterned thinking (aka cement), still finds opportunity to creep in to my thinking, and influence my actions. Case in point is the Og reading of scroll 5, suggesting to live each day as your last. I completely get the message about the value of our time. I would want to spend the majority of my time being around, and serving my family, if that is the case, and I happen to be in a very busy work load cycle that causes me to lose some harmony with the balance. The resulting consequence is my priorities are not clear. I am recognizing patterns of less joy in the moment, doubt trying to creep in, procrastination of things I do not like to do, afforded by a message to prioritize my time, but not always having a choice to do what my heart would want.

The good news is I am recognizing these patterns for what they are, and although I may have to experience a setback or two, I am going back to the sit, finding my harmony with God and my true self. When this happens I find that the message of Og in scroll 5 for me must have more to do with living in the moment, each moment, and every moment, and as I have been reading the first verity of G, reminds me so. This now makes the decisions of how to spend each moment, governed by a better character, in any circumstance. (Romans 8:6, the mind controlled by the Spirit is life and peace.). God will have my days numbered as they are, and I believe that the search for me, is to align my plans with God’s purpose for my life. Time is given to that end. (Proverbs 19:21, Many are the plans in a mans heart, but it is only the Lord’s purpose that prevails.). Life and Peace to all.

Master Key Experience Week 17HJ

The Hero’s Journey!

We are on it, every one of us! What is the choice? For me, I have been contemplating this choice for a few months prior to me ever hearing about MKMMA. The inevitability of me transitioning from my, small plumbing business, into the next phase of continuing to earn compensation, was always on the back of my mind (so to speak), so consequently, there it stayed. As it has been my practice of Christian faith, I prayed about it, employing a good dose of absolute faith in knowing that I know, the promises to be true. A door would open. Since I did not know what I wanted, a sign would be enough.

As it happened, I was struck with a desire about a year ago to pull my old stereo system out of storage for the last 15 years, including vinyl dating back to my school days, wiring separate components and many speakers to her former glory. Of course that led to creating a usable space for the rock and roll retro room! Located of course, in the basement, and although unfinished, it is clean and dry. An area rug, and old recliner, a wall unit or 2, workbench, old collectables, and photos on display, camp, hunt and fish gear all in place, an old stairmaster next to the hydro coil . Altogether not a very impressive picture, having only a small value, to anyone but me. A place to think, tinker, play guitar, listen to music, read. No phone, no tv. Still connected as I wish, just up the stairs. So more time in the basement, reading and praying, and less time upstairs with computer and tv.

Didn’t take long in the right time. 5 months. In the past, I had always written down thoughts in a notepad I have, headed, “Odd Jobs and Strange Assignments”. Quirky ideas, ways to improve on things in my trade, always hoping to land a patent, or produce a product. Came close once, getting so far as to have a provisional patent, and a working model of an adjustable pipe support hanger. I didn’t get any further than a rejection based on competitive cost, and  needing another round of funds I did not have. (I may revisit that one day with better thinking). Anyway, in my new, old, space, with some help from the music collection, which is actually quite diverse, a sillier, and different idea I began to explore, and I wrote with focus everything I could think of about it. I found the need to revise it a couple of times over the next few days because I kept thinking about it, swapping better features and concepts. Then it sat for a couple of weeks. In prayer again, I felt the affirmation to not only look at it again, but ask my friend, Peter, an independent marketer. He thought the idea had potential, once again, I got busy, and the plans sat. (old b.p. of accepting failure). Was I really supposed to do something with this now? So much work on top of my business calls!, gosh its probably going to cost a ton of money I don’t have! You get it, so did I. But God had better plans. I’m not even ready for this! He knows me so thoroughly, as only a creator could!, and I perceived him saying, “I HEARD WHAT YOU PRAYED FOR, WOULD YOU LIKE TO REMAIN HALFHEARTED, AND DOUBLE MINDED ABOUT THIS, OR WILL YOU ACCEPT THE HELP YOU ASKED FOR?

My lovely wife Susan, has a habit of exercising as her lifestyle, she works out with Jim and Lori King (yes, the same Lori King featured in the MKMMA webcast who encouraged us to persist, and just published her book “Coming Back Strong”) , so Susan and I get invitations to apply for scholarships to this program. I don’t have a clue as to what its about, and Susan would probably expect some squirm or excuse when she asked me to watch the video. Because of some intuition about the seeds that had been planted, I said absolutely, I watched Mark, got all kinds of judgemental impressions, (mostly good :), and said, sure, I’ll commit to the course. As rocky a road as my DMP was,(sincere gratitude to my MK guide Terry), I am at peace with my progress, because it continues, and I have gratitude! My friends, whom I sought advise from, are now my partners, and in case you are wondering,  we have a non disclosure agreement until it is time to say what the business is. Because of my education about my mind, my confidence and determination has grown. We have had many productive meetings, we have the pieces in place, it passes the muster of natural law in its service, and we are ready to overcome the financial hurdles, and press forward steady and sure.

So it is true of that which you ask for, in faith, will not be denied. That action of giving is the spark, even if its giving gratitude and recognition to God, and believing in His plans to give you hope and a future. On a side note, its kind of freaky welcoming intuition, you do get more of it. The last paragraph of last weeks blog was certainly an unknowing prelude to this weeks lesson of the Hero’s Journey!  We, collectively and individually will achieve what we desire. Peace.



Master Key Experience Week 17

There always seems to be a reason I wait through the weekend before writing my blog. Perhaps because it may take longer for me to fully absorb the weeks lesson, or it needs to culminate in a good sermon at church on Sunday morning.

Haanel writes, We of the twentieth century, (and 21st), worship a God of Love in theory, but in practice we make for ourselves “graven images” of “wealth, power, fashion, custom, and conventionality. He goes on to make the point these are mistaken symbols and effects, and we are to concentrate on mastering the causes, revealed by spiritual insight. In my case, the teachings, the exercises, the training of my subconscious initially to focus on my desires, has led me to question, Do I just want the results of a good successful life?,  Or the deeper, spiritual victories that enable me to really become the man God created me to be! The latter, of course, is my true desire, as my PPN of Spiritual growth yearns in me. Now with the self granted ‘PERMISSION’, I am coming to the understanding of any guilt of wanting abundance for the sake of having things of convenience, pleasure, or beauty, will not take from me the ability to be grateful, and use what I never was able to accumulate (abundance of wealth), to prosper myself and others. Overcoming the conflict between the higher and lower self!

This falls right into Haanels statement about former conscious thought being perceived through the 5 senses, versus new thinking,  perceiving as well, the spirit of things, (6th sense), which understandably, involves the subconscious and invites God (power), into our thoughts! So the pursuit of the life I envision, really starts to take on the Truth of its purpose. With this belief and understanding, there is no ambiguity to where my heart lies, or the unlimited source I am connected to! For me the work ahead lies in the creative thought process, and execution of tasks to complete the manifestations. I know I am not alone. It requires me to stay connected, and I feel I am forming those habits to serve me, and the world.

Now Sunday morning in church, Pastor Eric, speaking of Jonah prophesying in Nineveh, making the 4 points 1) a prophet is called, 2) there is an immediacy ensuing, 3) there is a price to pay for the prophet, 4) it serves and fulfills a desire of God’s heart through the actions of the prophet. Now without going into all the details, its not about the story of Jonah, but Pastor Eric asked us to internalize this story, which I already did, because of my new thinking, 1) I heard God calling me, 2) the life I was living, would not serve me well in the end, repentance (to change one’s heart), was needed, 3) the price to pay for me is the work to gain a correct perspective and appreciation. Diligence and dedication to a new paradigm of thought. Forgiveness, love, kindness, gratitude and awareness of God in me through empowerment of Spirit. 4) Letting my actions work for the accomplishment of God’s desires. Another joy in my life, bringing happiness to my soul! Thanks and gratitude to Pastor Eric, his work is also accomplishing God’s desire! Peace.


Master Key Experience Week 16

Dog biscuits, focaccia bread, the IRS, and kindness!

It’s been the kind of week where all kinds of kind things kind of happen! I have always been a kind person. I’ve had my moments when that was not the case, but at my core, I am kind. This week was good timing because some of the freedoms I am enjoying from thought awareness, and atrophy of thoughts and consequences I no longer entertain, have found an outlet of gratitude, releasing back harmonious energy to be used in kind!

Four legged friends will find you when you load your coat pockets with dog biscuits, and head out for the day. It’s nice when I chat with the owner and get permission, or sneak one in a partially opened car window in a parking lot, and telling my friend it’s our secret. Doing service work for customers, gives me some good opportunities to offer kindness. I did not expect it to come back at me in the ways it did! My customer Mary, asked me to install a new set of shower doors. She considered it a huge favor because I don’t typically install them, I considered it a job I could professionally do, and charged her modestly. Couple of weeks later, I stop over her house for an errand for my wife, and Mary gives me a home made cheesecake, and says thanks for doing such a nice job for us! Then my friend Peter comes over for a business meeting. He brought me a bottle of wine, I in turn, made some venison burgers. Next day I stop by my customer Lou’s place. He is a master baker, and had me come look at some heaters he was having issues with. I did not charge him for the visit because more work was to be scheduled for repairs. Its about 6 pm and he offers me coffee, so we chat and have a fun conversation about crazy things we did as kids, anyway, he scoots out for a minute and goes over to his wood fired brick oven (which he hand built with incredible craftsmanship himself), and comes in with a tray of piping hot focaccia breads, topped with mozzarella, dried tomatoes olives and basil, crazy thick chewy goodness, and gives me one to take home.  Very kind! Tonight my daughter Paula was cleaning the room where I pet sat for her cat a couple of days while she was out of town, and it was a nice exchange. But I especially loved the IRS phone call. For various reasons about every year I get the privilege of having to call the IRS to straighten out some mater or another. I recall last year the agent I spoke with was a lovely woman from Mississippi, who kept saying in a great southern drawl, “Yes honey, I understand” and we set up a payment that served both them and me, it went quite well. This time around a different story. On hold time from dial to conversation 55 minutes. So now that I know how to use down time to my advantage, out come the flash cards, I’m reading my DMP, got the Og read in, lesson 16, review 15, flash cards again, then the agent is on the line, this time straight question, I answer, silence, straight question, I answer, silence. I try some kindness, “how are you today?” silence, straight question, identity confirmed,  “Mr. Vitolo, what is the reason for your call”. Reply, “I have a letter that says I need to call and set up to continue payments for the new year, and I wish to continue these payments, as it is something I can work with, and you are getting paid. He then said “You know Mr Vitolo we have the power to deny your request based on our discretionary blah blah blah…….” And I immediately smiled and started to send over waves and waves of love, gratitude, kindness from the Master Mind Alliance unleashed! as he kept on with “your quarterly payments should blah, blah….” I’m singing in my head a little I love you jingle, waves are crashing on this guy, then silence. Long enough that you want to say are you still there?, and then he says, so OK, we will then continue the payments as you have been making them, and you will get notice in the mail. I said, thank you! Have a really nice day!, and he grumbled, have a nice day. The Master Mind Alliance totally denied him any power over me at that moment, and for that I am truly grateful! Peace.